How To Spot The Right Opportunity

How To Spot The Right Opportunity

Follow your dreams and break the chain of patterns

I´m going to touch on entrepreneurialism, courage, comfortzone, jumping and jumping to little and thinking to much. This morning I was inspired by someone that touched on some of the things that talkes exactly about the things on my mind right now.

Spinning around in my head are thoughts on what it really means to be an entrepreneur, to have courage, to step out of the comfortzone and to jump when you know deep down that you need to jump (you know the feeling of it´s now or never).

When Was YOUR Moment Of “Now Or Never”?

The “moment” that told you THIS is what I have to do – no matter what. THIS is my moment! When was it? If you ever had a moment like this, can you remember how it was? What it felt like? What it was all about?

A “if I don´t grab this opportunity, wait too long, I might cease the oppportunity and replay it for the rest of my life and wondering WHY I didn´t grab it” – type of feeling?

The “Now” Feeling And Comfortzones

To grab opportunities is all about stepping out of ones comfortzone. Big or small. Often they come upon us “just like that”. We´re unprepaired so to speak. Here´s where it gets tricky. How can I in that moment, take advantage the emotion, the knowing this is an opportunity to make  a transformation.

It´s NOW! This is my shot. Even if it´s not going to work out, I have to it. We´ve all been there. Big or small decisions. An opportunity in consistency with my dreams. A sitution where I can do something for myself and my family, achieve something unique and be in control of my own destiny.

A desire for security and respect, to rise far above cirumstances.

Timing And Jumping

Part of what constitutes success is timing and jumping. Most of us have to create our own opportunites. We have to be prepared to jump when you see something that others don´t necessarily see. Jumping is an action.

Don´t get caught up in your thoughts. It´s one thing to dream and another thing to just keep dreaming. Entrepreneurialism demands that you´ve got to be able to leave what´s familiar and go out and find your own way.

Be prepared that people will regard you with suspicion. They´re going to undermine your self confidence. They will offer you reasonable, unreasonable and all imaginable ideas why your idea won´t work.

Why your idea of walking away from a secure life to that of an entrepreneur, will not work.

You are crazy and absolutely nuts!

Breaking The Chain

To stay committed means breaking that chain. It means having the attitude of now matter how many times people will put you down, you need to stick to your strong belief that you can pull it off.

Can such adversity be envigorating?

Is it possible to enjoy and take advantage of being in a position where peoples expectations are so low of what you can do, that it empowers you to “beat” them? Are you that confident of “winning”?

Watch Out For Naysayers And Dream Stealers!

No one EVER accomplished anything by believing in the naysayers. Again, no one EVER accomplished anything by believing the naysayers!

Look around you and surround yourself with “yes-man” people. Observe that the people who made a difference, built new things and inspired those around them, where people who followed the road less travelled.

Follow Your Dreams And Jump If You Have To!

How can YOU create YOUR circumstances? What is Oprah doing that you are not? How can YOU enrich peoples lives and make a difference? What is YOUR uniqueness, and how can you share that with others?

Your uniqueness is your gift and you are obliged to give and share it. Each and every one of us has an obligation to share our uniqueness and specialty (such a waste if we didn´t).
You don´t want to look back and wonder “why didn´t I take the opportunity”. Surround yourself with encouraging people, take action and do what you need to do!

PS. Here´s an opportunity and a platform that you´d regret if you hadn´t seen…………….:)

>>>Check this amazing opportunity NOW and don´t waste another minute!!!<<<

Talk soon:)



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