How To Make Money Blogging

How to make money blogging

How To Make Money Blogging



What´s The Secret To Make Money Blogging?

Everywhere you turn on the Internet looking for information on possible ways to use your blog as a stream of income, you´ll find the word “secret“.

It´s being used in advertising, blogging and opt-in forms. “Give me your name and I´ll tell you the “secret”. A million times!

I´m sure you know exactly what I´m talking about. I´m sure you´ve left your name and email in tons of places to get the “secret” formula.

Don´t worry. I´ve done it to. Tons of times. I still do it (stupid) and then I get angry when all the emails keep filling my inbox.

To the point. Is there a secret to how to make money blogging? And if so, what is it?

I´d love to hear your reflections on this. Really! What is it that makes us believe that there´s a “secret” formula?

Push the button, and the money stacks up in your bank account?

Trust me, there is NO “secret”! Period!

The Full Monty

I happen to know the truth about this subject. It´s going to make you both happy and sad. It´s a double thing.

Yes, there is a “secret” and no, there is not a “secret”.

Sounds confusing I know, but there is and there is not.

It´s both confusing and very simple. Deep down inside I think you already have the answer yourself.

There are NO magic buttons to push. If you EVER hear someone talk about making money FAST on the internet, you should be on your guard. Making FAST money online is a myth. There you have it. It´s nothing but a myth. It does NOT exist!

How To Make Money Blogging – The “Secret” Success Formula

If you mix the ingredients below, I think you have a pretty good formula for success.

Hard work (every day), knowledge (back to school), consistency (routines), investing (money), personal development (deep), time (a lot of it), patience (a mothers) and endurance (Volvo).

Nothing secret about these ingredients. Not one of them.

Really, it all boils down to one single word.


YOU have to do the job. YOU have to do the learning. YOU have to do the investing.

YOU have to create the time.

That´s it. There you have it. The “secret” formula to how to make money blogging.

Surprised? Or did you know already?

Mental Attitude And Decisions

The decision is the cruical part.

Have you decided that this is what you´re going to do? Deep down? Do you know what it´s going to take? Are you willing to do the job? Are you coachable? Will you do what you´re told?

Or are you going to do it “a little”? See how it goes? Whine and complain? Project your frustrations onto your sponsor? Hope someone else will bring you the money?

I´m just saying that if you want success, you need to think it through, take responsibility for your process and most importantly be willing to take a real good look at yourself.

If you can do that, you´re one step closer to your goal.

Visions And Goals

Ok, so you want to know how to make money blogging?

Easy piece of cake. Take the time to do the learning, and you´ll find it´s a real simple thing.

Before even digging in, you need to have a vision and a goal.

What exactly is it you want to accomplish? Exactly. Not, “I want to make some money”. No, real figures. How much money are you looking at. And why. Why are you doing it? Only for the money? Lifestyle? Helping others? What´s your Why?

The vision. The bigger picture. Not the money, but what the money can do for you. What resources will more money make available for you?

What´s your hangups? What could stop you/make it difficult?

Awareness And Habits

We are creatures of habits and most people don´t like changes. We´d like to stick to what we´re “used” to. We´re simply operating pretty much by habit (think about it).

Be aware of your habits. Guard your behaviour and experiment with doing things in a different way now and then. Become aware and you have the power to change. Once you´re aware and catch yourself, you can change. It´s a step one.

We usually walk the path of least resistance. Be honest with yourself and observe.

Over And Over AgainMake money blogging

The ones of us old enough (!) to remember the vinyl discs, will easily recall how ONE little scratch in a track would ruin the song. It was useless and you had to lift the needle across to the next track.

Isn´t this the way we operate? Same old track every day. Until something happens. A “scratch” that forces us to take another route. We have to think differently. Leave the safe path.

Be like the cat by the mouse hole. Guard yourself. Listen to yourself talk and express opinions.

When you hear your self justifying things, or arguing about right or wrong………..this is your CLUE! These are the types of moment when you can see how you´re operating out of habit.

The good news is that once you rise your awareness, you can change your mind.

Awareness of your habits will optimize your ability to make that money blogging, that your are loooking for:)

The Catalyst For Change And Success

These last lines may come as a surprise to you.

The real catalyst for change and creating results, is not necessarily learning all the details of how to do the work, but to take a good, honest look at your personal life.

Your habits, the way you think and your personal development, are all a catalyst for change and creating success.

The hard truth is, if you don´t have that, you will never learn all the details necessary for creating a successful business online.

Permission To Be More

Are You Serious Enough To Learn How To Make Money Blogging?

How about if you would give yourself permission to be more, rather than less?

Remember, if you once gave yourself permission to be less, small, insignificant, you may have become comfortable in that role.

Miserable maybe, but comfortable. Check your habits!

Now, you can keep whining and holding on to your pacifying blanket (like Charlie Brown) OR you can remind yourself of WHO gave you that permission and immediately repeal that rule.

Great, isn´t it?

You´re the boss. You can change it!!

Imagine if you created successful habits that moved you towards what you wanted to create in life, and that those habits were in alignment with what you value in life.

Think about profoundly changing the world for yourself and the people you love and care for the most.

Just imagine!

All it takes is awareness.

The Easy System

As I said there are NO “secrets” to how to make money blogging, just hard work and dedication.

Now, the nearest to “secret” I´ve come to in my 7 months trying to figure out how to make money blogging, is The Empower Network, wich is a marketing system for “dummies” (=me), based on blogging.

I love blogging and wouldn´t joke about this.How to make money bloging

Simply picture a WordPress blog that is already set up for you. All you do is log in and start blogging.

Then imagine you share this blog with heaps of other people (how about 10.000 people that joined within 3 weeks?) and then think about what that does for the ranking.

The Empower Network is already an authority site wich makes it a WHOLE lot easier and faster to rank your content and enormously increases your chances to make money blogging.

More, imagine you won´t have to pay 1000USD, wich I did for my personal blog, but 25USD!?

Sounds incredible, doesn´t it?

I don´t even want to think about what I´ve been through learning to handle a WordPress blog from scratch. With this system you just GO!

The system has more to it of course, but the core foundation is the blogging platform and this was created by 2 guys named David Wood and David Sharpe who both have been through years of struggling online prior to creating this system.

Now, with the Empower Network, the learning curve is shortened and you can actually be looking at reaching some goals within as little as 30 days (I made my first sale within the first week), compared to several months. To make money blogging has never been easier.

The magic with the Empower Network is that IF you follow the system and the instructions (do as your told), you WILL have results in a short time.

Who Remembers The One Coming In Second?

I intend to make 2012 a remarkable year!

How about you? Do you want to join me?


Here´s How To Get Started With The Empower Network



Are YOU willing to the job or do you still think there´s a “secret” formula on how to make money blogging?
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